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JRoots was established to facilitate today's generation of Jews with compelling Jewish journeys. Since JRoots' launch, thousands of Jewish people from around the world have participated in JRoots trips. The extraordinary journey of the Jewish people is a 4000 year old story that has passed from generation to generation. Through powerful educational journeys to places of enormous historic significance to our people, the link is forged.

JRoots offers all-inclusive journeys through our heritage, looking at the past, the present and the future.

JRoots organises inspiring, meaningful and educational journeys to destinations including Poland, Eastern Europe, Israel and Morocco in addition to tailor-made itineraries with communities, organisations, individuals and families. More than just a tour, a JRoots journey is an exploration of Jewish life in the context of the given destination. JRoots handles all logistical considerations so that participants can focus exclusively on absorbing the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

JRoots is a member of the Jewish Futures Trust - Netzach (JFT). JFT is a diverse portfolio of autonomous non-profit educational organisations, each one of them addressing a specific need and niche. JFT is committed to creating and implementing far reaching solutions that will realize the vision of a brighter Jewish future.

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